Avoiding High Interest


Frequent flier credit cards are a unique way for consumers to reward themselves wile spending money.

Avoiding High Interest

Frequent flier credit cards are a unique way for consumers to reward themselves while spending money.

There is, however, a hefty price to pay for spending while earning-interest rates average 16.99 percent on airline mileage credit card balances.

As consumers look for alternative choices to managing debt, the inevitable hunt for a low-rate balance transfer begins. Innovative companies such as E*TRADE FINANCIAL are making it easier for consumers to transfer their balances to a low-rate card while preserving their ability to earn rewards on the card of their choice.

Instead of the standard one-time balance transfer, the E*TRADE Mileage Maximizer Account is an automated balance transfer system that allows customers to transfer their balances on higher rate credit cards to a lower rate credit card each and every month. Low-rate credit products like these allow consumers to reduce the interest paid on balances, paving the way for effective debt management.

So celebrate the rewards you get from your airline mileage credit cards-take that trip, upgrade your seat or turn the miles into a charitable gift. But be smart-don’t pay for those benefits with an exorbitant interest rate and manage the balances you are carrying down to a low interest rate.

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Thinking About Buying A Vehicle? Here Are Some Things You Should Consider Before You Do!


Need tips and information on what you should look for in deciding what type of vehicle and at what price you should be paying before you do? Well, these tips and information can assist you in what you should think about before your vehicle purchase.

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You’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle but are not quite sure about what type of vehicle you should choose. Well, it’s not easy making decisions about a major purchase. Especially if it’s a vehicle you’re about to buy. Before you decide, take a look at these tips and information which may help you in determining what vehicle may be right for you:

1) First and foremost, how much money do you have to spend for a vehicle which will fit comfortably within your budget? That’s right! Can you afford to add a monthly payment to your budget for a vehicle? If so, how much can you afford to spend without creating problems with your finances. Think about it, and make the decision which will be right for you.

2) After you make the decision to purchase a vehicle, determine what you will be using the vehicle for. This will assist you with deciding on the type of vehicle you may want to purchase. For instance, do you have a long commute to your job? You may want to purchase a vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

3) Do your research on the vehicle you want to purchase by using the internet as a resource. This is by far your greatest source for getting the best price on the vehicle you want to purchase. For example, a source you may want to consider viewing, would be www.edmunds.com. At that particular website you can get information on the dealer’s invoice pricing. This will assist you in negotiating the price of your vehicle with the dealership you’re considering purchasing your vehicle from. In addition, you may want to also consider checking out www.cars.com and www.pricequotes.com to assist you in securing pricing information for your next vehicle.

4) Get your financing before you make your vehicle purchase! That’s right, get pre-approved. By doing this, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when you’re negotiating your vehicle purchase with the seller for the vehicle you’re trying to purchase. You’ll want to research the best interest rate you can get. A great way to do this is also via the internet. Some of the websites you may want to consider checking for vehicle finance rates are: www.bankrate.com and www.eloan.com.

5) Make sure that you check your credit report and FICO score prior to applying for your vehicle finance loan. You want to ensure that you know your credit history and score so you’ll be in a better position to negotiate your interest rate with your prospective lender.

6) To buy or lease what should I do? Good question. That will depend on what you will be using your vehicle for. You’ll need to determine the pros and cons of leasing or buying. You’ll want to think about the number of miles you’ll be driving per year, money you have for a down payment, how long you want to keep the vehicle and anything else you can think of. To help you decide whether or not you should lease or buy, you may want to do some research by using the internet and visiting such websites like www.smartmoney.com. . Websites like this, can provide you with detailed information on whether or not you should lease or buy your next vehicle.

So, you can see how important it is to do some research before your purchase your next vehicle! You’ll be in a better position with the information you have obtained when you’re ready to make your purchase. You’ll be glad you got the information before you attempted to purchase your vehicle. You’ve probably not only saved yourself lots of time, but, more importantly you’ve saved yourself money and have become more educated as a consumer about purchasing a vehicle in the long run!

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Is refinancing worth it?


Is refinancing really worth it? Are you stuck and don’t know wether or not you should refinance? This article outlines the pros and cons of refinancing your property

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Refinancing can be worthwhile but is not suitable for everyone, as a general rule of the thumb refinancing can be worthwhile if the current interest rate on your mortgage is at least 2% higher then that of the current market rate. The 2% figure is generally accepted as the safe margin when balancing the costs of refinancing a mortgage against the savings.

There are many further considerations to take into account, such as how long you plan to stay resident in the property. Most sources and lenders say that it takes at least three to four years to realize fully the savings from a lower interest rate, given the possible costs of refinancing your property.

Refinancing can be suitable for those who want to take advantage of lower interest rates rather then facing mounting interest costs from a higher rate, the fees from refinancing will phase out over a longer time span which is why this is suitable for persons looking to spend more then 5 years at their current property. Building equity is also another benefit from converting to a loan with a shorter term.If refinancing does not seem the option to choose then why not speak to a lender who may agree to change the terms on the loan or to apply new terms.

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Finding The Right Credit Card


Some people feel loyal to certain credit card companies, it’s only natural when you’ve had them for so long, but why not see if they can offer you a better card?

find the right credit card

I remember the lecture my mother gave me a few weeks before my first day of college. She sat me down and said, “I have something important to tell you.” Right about then is when I rolled my eyes and braced for the, “Young men are the devil’s spawn and should not be trusted,” and the, “You are going to a place where there will be great temptations,” speech. What I got was not really a lecture, but a talk about how it was time to start building my credit.

I really never gave that topic much thought. I always thought that getting a credit card was for grown ups, and Lord knows I didn’t quite feel like a grown up at the time. She told me I should start thinking about applying for a credit card. She also warned me if I did so, she would NOT bail me out if I started charging up the world. That alone scared me. I had a full time job, but what if I couldn’t handle the payments? What if I went temporarily insane, and decided to charge everything I could. It was too much for me, and I told her, I didn’t want to hear any more nonsense about me getting a credit card.

She of course persisted for the next two weeks, and I finally told her that I would look into it. I then asked the million dollar question, “How do I find the one that is best for me?” She blank stared me. Then she blink. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know, that’s your problem.” Cue the crickets.

So there I was, eighteen in 1992, trying to get a credit card, but not knowing where to start. Luckily on the fist day of classes, I was in the school book store and found an ad for a student credit card. Without giving it much thought, I applied and to this day I still have a card from that company. Was that the best way of going about it? Probably not. I suppose if I did the research I could have found a card with a better interest rate, or a better limit.

Now days, the internet has changed the way people research topics. I’ve found the best way to find a good product is to find a site that helps you compare similar products side by side. Are you interested in credit cards that offer airline rewards? How about credit cards that offer hotel and travel rewards? Maybe you are just looking for the credit card that would be right for your business, or one with low interest rates. There are even credit cards for poor credit.

Some people feel loyal to certain credit card companies, it’s only natural when you’ve had them for so long, but why not see if they can offer you a better card? Your time is precious and getting the best credit card for you is important to your lifestyle.

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Your Prey for 2006


Scouring the 52 week low is normally a good place to start. Tax loss selling has made many stocks to make the list. This is great for us, small investor. Barring any fundamental news, cheap stocks that get cheaper will be a good investment candidate.

Finance, Stock, Investing, Annual Report, Portfolio

As 2005 comes to an end, investors celebrate the coming new year and bring new expectation with it. As investors, we try to sell our losing investment before the year ends and sell our winning investments after the new year. This is to receive the benefit of early tax deduction and deferring our tax liability. Either way, after selling your investment, you have some spare cash to invest. Therefore, you would need some idea on where to invest your money.

Scouring the 52 week low is normally a good place to start. Tax loss selling has made many stocks to make the list. This is great for us, small investor. Barring any fundamental news, cheap stocks that get cheaper will be a good investment candidate. Turnaround investors look for stocks that are touching 52 week low and starts researching them. Many of them bounces, providing investors with outstanding return. Examples for this year include: ATI Technologies Inc. (ATYT, up 39% from the low), Seagate Technology (STX, up 29% from the low), Omnivision Technologies (OVTI, up 68.8% from the low) and even Maxtor Corp. (MXO, up 45% from the low before being acquired). Maxtor is now trading 120% above its 52 week low.

While stocks touching new 52 week low, do not always bounce, this is a good place to start your research. Therefore, your prey for 2006 should at least include companies that has recently touched 52 week low. These are several ideas to get you started for 2006.

Pier One Imports Inc. (PIR). The retail stores specializing on furniture and other decorative accessories, are experiencing customer defection this year. Same store sales has been declining and there is little indication that it will change. Warren Buffett used to own a piece of this company. He has since cut back on his stake late this year. It has recently fallen to $ 8.90 per share from the 52 week high of $ 19.98, a 55 % hair cut.

Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA). For overseas exposure, especially China, Shanda should be on your watch list. It provides online gaming to the Chinese community, especially Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). Don’t let the word scare you. It is basically an online gaming portal where it lets gamers fight/play with other gamers. A good way to foster customer’s loyalty is through the interaction with other individuals. Online Gaming provides Shanda with that opportunity. It has fallen to $ 15.00 from its 52 week high of $ 45.40, a 67% hair cut. The appealing thing about Shanda is its strong balance sheet (more cash than long-term debt) and the potential growth of its market. Furthermore, the company is profitable. Those cash pile will continue to grow if that happens.

Navistar International Corp. (NAV). This company makes and distributes commercial trucks and busses. Competitors include Paccar, Volvo and the like. It is sporting a forward P/E of 6 and decent balance sheet. If it can maintain a 0% growth in profits, the stock price won’t trade at $ 28.80 for very long.

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ). The largest baby bells of all are having a decent year on the profit line. However, concerns about competitions and high debt load, has reduced its stock price for year 2005. It is currently trading at $ 30.27 per share with dividend yield of 5.30%. Currently, dividend is about half of its annual profit, which is considered safe. If Verizon can repeat its profit performance, the dividend for 2006 will be safe. However, it currently has a high debt load of $ 34.3 Billion. The company has tried to reduce its debt using its cash flow from operations. On Dec 31st 2002, long term debt stood at $ 44.8 Billion. Therefore, balance sheet has actually improved while stock price goes nowhere.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. (FDP). The makers and distributors of fresh fruit produce is not having a good year. Pricing weakness, combined with the higher than expected cost, has decimated its stock price. Recently, management has reportedly hire JP Morgan to run an auction for the company. It can be sold to as high as $ 1.8 Billion according to TheDeal.com. This translates into $ 30.70 per share. FDP recently trade at $ 23.64 per share. If the deal goes through next year, you have the potential of a 29.9% return. However, the fact that management is exploring the buyout, indicates that business aren’t so good at this company. If the deal doesn’t go through, stock price may see further depreciation.

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Family Budget Secrets to lower Household Expenses, Higher Family Income and wise money management


The Home Budget, finances and uncontrolled expenses have caused unhappiness and divorce. Learn the three areas to look for wealth if you want to increase the Family Income and reduce household expenses.

The Family Budget: Consumer Secrets to lower Household Expenses, Higher Family Income and wise money management.

Copyright 2006 AAA Consumer Credit Solutions

A healthy home budget is the key to wealth, success and even a healthy family life. American and Canadian Families could create a much healthier home budget with a bit of discipline and planning. Ask a Consumer and she may tell you, up front, that paying the Grocery Bills gives the greatest cause for concern in the family’s home budget. Too often, money creates family fights. Paying bills, the Home Budget and family finances too often cause divorce. Parents can avoid such calamities with financial discipline, greater research and some professional help. Unfortunately, areas for greatest financial relief too often lie off limits, outside of the usual scrutiny for possible savings in the family’s home budget.

These three areas: Mortgage Payments, Taxation of Income and Credit Card Debts drain away the family’s fortunes in ways we least suspect. In trying to reduce expenses from the Home Budget, you can dismiss high gas prices as a temporary event. Fluctuations in fruit and vegetable prices due to vagaries of the weather can impact the monthly home budget too. Those numbers pale in comparison to the heavy hitters in a home budget, such as Income Taxes paid, Mortgage Interest and excessive and un-necessary loan or Credit Card Payments.

An annual, Income Tax Refund Check can offer relief in many a Family Budget. In order for your family to benefit, you must arrange your finances to profit from all income tax deductions you might be entitled to. You may hear about certain deductions. But since you, like many an employed Consumer, are no Finance Wiz, you tend to ignore them to your peril. Unfortunately, as an Employee, your income tax deductions are limited. They are almost cast in stone by government legislation. As a Business Owner, however, the rules are much more generous. You could save huge sums in income tax payments because of business expenses. Fortunately the distinctions and the rules are not quite as rigid as you might think. Let’s leave out the obvious personal deductions, medical, and educational expenses and similar employee and work related expenses. Here are some additional income tax deductions you can snag if only you had the know-how. These tax deductions, when astutely applied, would add considerable income to your home budget:

1. You can create a Home Based Business and immediately qualify for related expenses as income tax deductions
2. You could increase your Savings for Retirement and for your Pension to create additional income tax deductions
3. You could use Other Peoples Money for Investments. Here again is a third very legit means for tax deductions most Consumers are not familiar with.

These are three key areas around which you could build substantial tax deductible expenses and hence keep a much larger portion of your income. They could add to the Income portion of your Household Budget and significantly reduce expenses.

On the expense side of the Home Budgets, American and Canadian Families pay way too much in housing costs. A recent study of home finance revealed that the cost of housing approaches closer to 50% of the household budget than the 30% and 40% debt service ratios, which bankers use in screening applicants for mortgage financing. Rising House Prices and lower interest charges have allowed many to occupy homes they may soon be unable to afford. Tenants have used rent money to purchase homes. As interest rates continue the recent upward trend, foreclosures will increase and Canadian and American Households as Tenants or Home Owners will be priced out of their regular home expense budget.

Newer approaches to mortgage payments have uncovered huge sums of excess profits that Lenders have been enjoying for years at the expense of the average Home Owner. These studies found that over the life of a mortgage, Consumers typically hand over DOUBLE the Purchase Price of their Homes as extended and un-necessary mortgage payments. At a time of record low interest rates, these large sums represent a voluntary contribution to the Lenders?Profit margins. In the event you are hearing of these developments for the first time, then this over payment of a mortgage applies to you too. Almost every mortgage holder pays too much! Consumers as a group have been cajoled into giving our infinite trust to the Loan or Bank Officers. What we failed to realize is that in the lending industry, no one represents the interests of the Consumer. You must seek out your own professional for help.

The final item of Credit Card Debt relates to impulse buying of clothes, shoes, trinkets, entertainment and vacations, CD’s, snacks, lattes and other consumables. Such expenses dramatically increase the monthly household expenses. As a Parent or Single Mom, responsible for the Home Budget, you would be shocked to review actual expenses from impulse and non-essential purchases. One Bank engages a prominent Financial Planner, who advises Customers to refrain from needless expenses on items such as cigarettes, lattés, candies, coffee, and gum. These savings, they claim, could help to create a tidy retirement fund.

With a bit of discipline, Consumers could reduce expenses by huge amounts in differing ways: 1. At $10.00 a purchase, you could drive a Mercedes Benz by giving up 6000 Trips to the Dollar Store. 2. At $40.00 a pack for cigarettes, a Consumer could have the entire gas bills paid if he simply quit smoking 3. A $250.00 a month Retirement Savings Contribution could result from ignoring the daily craving for an expensive latt?or the three cups of coffee a day habit.

These expenses, when paid by cash, reflect an unnecessary drain on the household budget. Because of service charges, the drain is even more severe when you use Credit Cards and even Debit Cards for small and impulse purchases. All of a sudden, that Latt?which costs you $3.50 is in fact $4.50 if the Credit or Debit Card Company charges a $1.00 fee for each transaction. After one month, that two Lattes-a-day habit becomes a $140.0 a month cost. With maximum financed credit or debit charges they become a $200.00 to $250.00 a month expense.

Consumers can generate huge savings to the Family’s Home Budget from a bit of research and from prudence and discipline in household expenses. It is vital for you to understand mortgages, loans and credit expenses much better. With a little tax planning, some stinginess and some savvy, Consumers can improve the household budget in ways they least expect. As a thrifty Consumer, you must start the search for more efficient ways to run your family’s home budget. The pay back would be terrific.

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Saving Money, Simply


You can save money on everyday items with a little bit of pluck and a whole lot of determination.

money, coupons, frugal, save, shopping, comparison shopping, bargains, sales, close outs, best buys

We all know how to spend our money, but do we fully understand how to save it? I am not talking about setting aside a reserve for an investment or rainy day purposes ?both of which are good things ?rather, saving money on everyday items. Here are some simple ways you can save money:

Clip Coupons. You can save on your shopping excursions by clipping coupons. Some stores will even double or triple manufacturers?coupons up to a specified amount [typically, one dollar] as an added incentive to bring you in.

Comparison Shop. The worldwide web gives shoppers the opportunity to compare prices and shop right online for almost any product available. Order online if the item is cheaper than ordering in person. Don’t forget to take into consideration shipping, handling, and taxes when ordering via the web, however many online retailers offer free shipping and taxes are not always universally assessed.

Energy Efficient Appliances. Your old refrigerator or washer is an energy eater. When you shop for a new unit, check to make sure that the energy rating is high. Do not, however, pay hundreds of dollars more for a product if only a slightly higher energy rating is promised. Learn which models produce the highest possible energy rating for the money.

Get Free Samples. Manufacturers enjoy giving away samples of their products. Sometimes all it takes is a letter or an email to the appropriate department and your freebie will arrive in the mail in the form of merchandise or as a coupon allowing you to purchase the item locally for free.

Shop The Clubs. Warehouse clubs such as BJ’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco offer savings that shave 10-30% off of supermarket prices. Many take coupons too!

Sssh! Go To The Library. The big book retailers offer a wide selection of books to their customers. However, you may be able to find that same title at your free public library. If not, ask a librarian if she would order the book for you. A free book is better than the $30 you would have paid for a bestseller, plus latte!

Use it Again; Recycle. Maybe the item you are tossing can be used again. If you definitely have no use for it, sell it at a garage sale [or online via an auction site] and keep the earnings. In any case, you are contributing to a clean environment by not adding to already overcrowded landfills.

There are many other ways for you to save even beyond those that I have mentioned. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some initiative and you will soon find yourself saving money on in ways you previously did not think of.

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