The Offshore Money Flow Solution


Article describes the most secure offshore money flow solution the privacy minded people could use.

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It’s become more and more difficult to bank in privacy these days, thanks to the witch-hunt of OECD and FATF under the guise of money laundering and terrorism. What a wonderful story to cover the real purpose of their; to take the privacy away from people, to control and to endlessly supervise!

Fortunately there still are a few opportunities left for us, who value financial privacy. These precisely planned strategies, which have been used for decades, have worked for people from all walks of life. For people, who has decided to keep what belongs to them and not to hand it over for greed goverments, ex-lovers, creditors etc. But no matter how good the strategy is, if you are a bigmounth and like to brag with your fancy overseas banking solutions, the cover is blown sooner than later. So keep your mouth shut and stay under the radar screen.

For the start, you need a so-called Pass-Through Account. The most important feature of this account is secrecy, it’s paramount. This account must be opened in a jurisdiction with a bullet-proof banking secrecy laws. Bullet-proof really isn’t the case anymore, unfortunately, as way too many so called tax havens have been forced to give away information. But it still is possible to open an anonymous bank account. Even if the banking secrecy laws fail under the pressure of “Big Boys”, the “bureau-rats” still don’t know who’s the owner of the account. So, you are safe from the very beginning!

This first account is the one you make known to your clients and business associates. You will receive all the incoming funds from and send the outgoing funds to the outside World. As the name says, and this is essential to remembet, this account is not to store money. Because of that, you don’t have to be too concerner about the long-term stability of the bank and jurisdiction involved. This fact enables you to use tiny, private banks, which offer the best secrecy and confidentally. Over and above you get the most personalized service!

The second account you will need, is called Stash Account. The most important feature of this account is stability. The Stash Account must be opened in a stable, first world jurisdiction and in a well known bank. This is the account you send your profits to as soon as they arrive in your Pass-Through account. You store your money here long-term, send it off to offshore investments or shift it into spend and savings accounts. The existence of Stash Account is a complete secret! You tell nobody! Never, ever!

The third account you need, is Spend Account. Here the accessibility is the key feature. Sometime you might want to withdraw your offshore profits in cash. Even if you have multiply income streams onshore, you must always be prepared for emergencies and have an access to your offshore funds. Because of that, you will open Spend Account at a bank that gives you the best selection of
debit and credit cards and also a proper online banking access.

When you have opened these three accounts, you are ready to start fighting for your privacy. And the best part is, that you can win the fight, really! It just takes a little research and the best partners.

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