Bullion Vault- An Online Platform To Sell Gold and Silver Bullion!

Based in West London, Bullion Vault was founded by Paul Tustain in 2005 and is owned by Galmarley LTD. The company has seen a steady rise in profits every year since it was launched and has grown rapidly over a short period of time. In September of 2008 the company became a member of the London Bullion Market Association and in 2010, it became a partner of the World Gold Council. The company is currently holding $2.2 billion worth of precious metals for 41,000 customers in 159 countries and owns one of the largest gold storages in the world.

Services offered

Bullion Vault provides an online platform to buy and sell both silver and gold bullion and have it stored in one of Bullion Vault’s highly safe and secure vaults. It also offers clients with research tools which help investors determine his actual needs. One of the benefits of this site is that you can buy or sell even small amounts gold and silver that would otherwise be impossible in the professional bullion market.
The investor’s accounts can even hold cash with each deposit, making it easier to convert them into precious metals or vice versa. They keep the prices very close to the spot price of gold or silver which makes it more affordable for buyers.

Setting up an account

The application process is very easy with the site’s user friendly features and easy to understand terms. The currency can be set in dollars, Euros or pound sterling. The entire process has no hidden charges and is completely free for all users.


Bullion Vault charges a very nominal commission plus a monthly storage fee based on the amount of gold and silver held in the vault. The storage rates for your precious metals are only a fraction of the total cost if you were to hire a professional vault for yourself.

Selling Your Bullion

Bullion Vault gives you an option to sell your gold at any point in time and allows its members to deal directly with other Bullion Vault users. This type of transaction will generally give better returns by cutting out the middle man and give you flexibility with your finances.
Since the company does not have to shoulder any cost for shipping as they keep all the precious metals in only four vaults, they are able to offer very competitive prices. This, along with policies that are geared towards fulfilling the needs of every kind of investor makes it a good choice for your investment.

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The Benefits and the Drawbacks of Using a Credit Union for Financial Transactions

Credit unions are formed and run by associations of people that are formed on the basis of a common goal or criteria. These institutions are open only to its members and one can become a member by fulfilling the qualifications needed by the particular credit union and opening an account with them. There are many local credit unions that operate across the country and you can find out the ones in your area that you can qualify for and become a member to enjoy the benefits.

Though there are some advantages of the larger banks that you may find missing, but the advantages that you can have in the long run, especially in money strapped situations, can be immense.  Many people find the friendly atmosphere and the one-to-one relationship really too hard to replace with the business and detached behavior of large banks and financial institutions.

There are, in general several pros and cons of banking with credit unions, and let us take a closer look at some of these.

Credit unions function similar to a bank but are owned by its members and not stakeholders whose primary concern is to earn more and more profits. Banks are generally regulated by the stock market and charge fees on each of the transactions as their aim is to maximize the profit. On the other hand, the aim of a credit union is to maximize the benefits and service level for its members, who are also co-owners of the institutions. Some credit unions also have a voting system for its policies and major decisions.
There are no ATM fees for using the services of a credit union and its overdraft fees are also much lower.  However, the flip side is that there are fewer ATMs and hence you need to keep searching for one or use some other banks ATMs, which will again call for some additional costs. However, there are some credit unions that may even reimburse these charges, which again nullifies the negative effect.
Credit unions charge much lower interest loans for bad credit on its loans than commercial banks and financial institutions. At the same time they offer much higher deposit rates as they solely exist for the benefit of its members and not for maximizing the revenue. Even if they do earn profits, it is distributed amongst its members or reinvested into the institution for improving or modernizing its services. Hence they are most cost effective when you need loans and some of the credit unions interest rates cannot go beyond a certain benchmark level, hence you will be protected against rising debt costs too.
A credit union is a good option when you are in need of funds but do not have very high credit scores which may be of interest to the banks. The credit unions pay more stress on the long term relationship with its members than their credit scores to establish the eligibility. Hence you will be able to get loans at lower rates and may not need to consider higher interest private unsecured personal loans at all.

A disadvantage of the credit union loan is the eligibility criteria that often restrict the membership. Hence you will need to do some ground work in identifying those which would accept you as a member.

Another disadvantage with some credit unions may be that the technology that they use may not be very advanced as they may not have huge funds available to modernize their services very often; hence some people find this, a setback.

However, given their advantages, it may be worthwhile to explore the services of those where you can qualify to be a member, as the services can prove really beneficial at a financial crunch situation.

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Avoid Mismanagement Of The Personal Loan Repayment

In the modern lifestyle, it is very easy to fall into a debt trap, unless one is ultra careful about managing one’s finances. Nowadays it is very easy to get a loan, as long as you meet some very basic qualifying criteria and you hold a steady job. However, if you are not careful and get tempted by these lenders sales agents, it will be much more difficult to get out of this situation that you may ever imagine.


With the current economic downturn that has impacted the financial status of countries, businesses and individuals across the globe; the situation has become really grim. Organizations went out of business; People lost their jobs almost overnight, making them unable to discharge their financial liabilities and paying off their unsecured loans. Many are unable to handle the stress of these uncontrolled debts and go into severe depression.


However, it’s important to keep your calm and coolly handle the situation to find the right solution. When the debt situation seems just unable to be handled it is important that the alternatives are explored. One of the ways to get out of the situation is to file for bankruptcy. This is done through the designated attorneys who specialize in handling such cases. This involves convincing the debtors that you are no longer in a position to pay off the debt and this is possible with most commercial debts. There are various clauses of the bankruptcy law that applies to various situations and the lawyer will be able to guide you effectively. However, this has some very negative effects on your credit score and it may become very difficult for you to get credit in future.


Another option exists in the form of debt consolidation services which are carried with the help of authorized consolidation agencies. Here the agency understand your financial situation and renegotiates the terms of your debts and consolidates them into one single payment every month. The consolidated outflow should be less than the multiple repayments. However, this increases the repayment period by almost 5 to 7 years and you will be under the financial burden for this extended time period. But, the creditors will not be harassing you anymore and your credit score will improve once you discharge your debts. This is an often advised solution by most experts when you need to discharge the debts.


During the debt consolidation process you are taken through various sessions on how to manage your personal finances so that you are not facing a similar situation again in the future. The idea is not only to resolve your current financial crisis but also to let you acquire the skills to help you cope with the future financial situations.  It is very important not only to get out of the current debt situation but also to build in financial intelligence to build back your financial credibility and strengthen your financial position. It is important not to get lured by the numerous lenders who are ready to offer you personal loans at very easy processing terms, as though you may be able to get the loan within 24 hours but it may take years to get discharged.

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The benefits of binary options trading

You need to understand that binary options trading is not only one of those enormous trading platforms that has been able to make a lot of money for the people going for it, but it also happens to be a wonderful feature that ensures that with the correct prediction, a lot of money can be made. Predicting prices within the desired period of time, of an asset is definitely high on the cards, and it ensures that you would be would make about a lot of changes in your current stand of making money with this process. There is a lot of reading that is to be done in a quiet manner, and every trading that can actually get extremely handsome somehow, it is extremely good for you to understand the strong chances that can be used for your is in order to make a lot of money in this process. If you are interested into getting know more about this particular feature it is always important to take the help of qualitative guidance that is very much going to help you in order to make a certain process of online trading to be a much better option for you.

When we talk about the need to be successful, it is important to understand that going for binary options trading does require a clear understanding of the different ways in which they handling of assets would need to be done. There is a certain type of trading that is quite direct, and the rewards can be extremely handsome, but it is also dependent upon the prediction that you happen to be undertaking, and the amount of money that you have put on that particular feature. If you have invested all your life savings in binary options trading, then it is something that can bring about a lot of misfortune to you, as there are an enormous amount of chances of you having to lose that entire portion of money. Hence, whenever you are going for such kind of trading, is always important of you to keep track of the amount of money that you spend on the different ways in which you can make back, provided that you are faced with the challenge of doing so after having lost the entire money that you can have with the ongoing challenge that the binary options trading has thrown towards you.

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Getting your own binary options affiliate feature

With a lot of money that is to be made with binary options, it is important for you to understand that this is not a single avenue that is restricted to making money with binary options. You could take the help of binary options affiliate feature that can enable you to go for making a lot of money which is entirely dependent upon the amount of traffic that you send to a website and the different kinds of accounts that has been created based upon your affiliate link. This is entirely perspective, and ensures that people make a lot of money, restore the commission-based if you manage to undertake the particular feature of this wonderful website. There are a lot of binary options platforms that you could actually use, and in normal circumstances it is always a good idea for you to place your trust upon them instead of going for some other feature of making money. This way, you can actually generate from the amount of income, and also ensure that you not to worry about the care of each and every other progressive feature within the website without having to worry about any sort of problems pertaining to the style of the field.

In other words, it is important to understand binary options and short-term investments where most of the investors briefly get about the viewpoint of the asset, and make suitable changes to their strategy. If you can capitalize on the particular aspect, you have in front of you wonderful chance to make a considerable amount of money with the help of binary options affiliate. There are a few tricks that can be used in order to gain a lot of customers, and catchy banners and titles are definitely bang on. With the help of such wonderful advertising, you can get a lot of people to register through your affiliate link. This is very much important as it is to account the amount of ways in which would be able to monetize your own affiliate link, and also to bring about the desired amount of change is very much important when it comes to the aspect of quality investors and people that happen to be taking account of the different affiliate feature. If you manage to undertake this particular perseverance in the brightest possible sense, you can end up making a lot of money in this process.

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Binary options trading for your benefit

If you are looking to make a lot of money, or experience of windfall with the amount of investment that you are willing to go for, binary options trading prove to be extremely beneficial. You can guess the price of that asset correctly over a specific period of time, and you have in your hands a lot of money from the investment. You also need to understand that you can lose that specific amount of money following the trend, and if you find that your predictions not work out for you. You stand to lose all your investment, something which can actually break your back. To get rid of this problem is important for you to maintain the adequate amount of connections in be extremely successful when it comes to binary options trading. One must have a very clear understanding on the way in which the assets are going to behave, and to also ensure that you find yourself in a programmatic position it comes to binary options trading with the help of abundant resources. There are a lot of tutorials that can help you to gain a good understanding on the binary options trading and the platform which perform several data free of cost for you.

There must be a sense of juxtaposition on a person, as it not only ensures that they can go without having any prior knowledge of any aspects, they would be able to understand and minimize the risk by going for the numerous online trading platforms that are available today. Over a specific period of time, you find that it can be a certain and appropriate place to start for any amateurs. Such kind of trading is definitely important and it provides adequate amount of rewards the people in a very handsome nature. However, given the circumstances, there are a few people that would like to go for taking the option of such kind of trading extremely seriously. It is for those people that would find themselves looking at the crux of making qualitative money, but in most cases, they stand in the way of making it due to the mis-configuration that they calibrated to the binary options. It ensures that you not end up making a lot of money, rather using a lot. Try and go about the particular process of binary options trading in a qualitative manner for your own benefit.

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The Top 10 Warnings Signs a Stock is on the Decline

Every investor has the same goal when they buy stocks: They want to make money. And whether you’ve purchased stock based on penny stock advice or invested in some other funds, you still need to recognize when your investments are declining and it may be time to sell. Regardless of the reliability of penny stock tips you may have gotten in the past, here are 10 warning signs to be aware of.

  1. Earnings grind to a halt or are trending southward. Even a portfolio balanced with hot penny stocks isn’t immune to swings in the market, so watch a company’s earnings for signs of trouble. Are they going up or down?
  2. Sales start to retreat. In order to make money with penny stocks, keep your eyes open for sales figures and when they appear to be slipping. If sales are going down, and you see a trend developing, then you don’t want to invest. Be patient and wait it out.
  3. Too much praise from analysts. Analysts can become enamored with their own penny stock picks just like anyone else, and toss out stock advice based on their own emotions rather than empirical data. On the other hand, they may be driven by something else – simple greed. Remember, the company an analyst works for receives fees from the stock they tout, so you may not always be getting honest opinions.
  4. Inside sales. If you notice a spike in sales, the first thing to do is to see who’s doing the selling. If shares are being sold off in immense quantity by company employees, particularly executives, then something’s wrong.
  5. Negative press. The press is notorious for promoting bad stories, but it’s worth noting that negative stories about a stock or company may be legitimate news reporting off something going on at the company that would make it a poor investment choice.
  6. Problems within the industry. Remember when the American domestic automotive industry nearly went bankrupt? Because of problems with the auto companies, dozens of others were at risk – everything from manufacturing suppliers to temporary employment agencies to small mom-and-pop diners situated near factories ready to be closed. If your industry is experiencing difficulties, that could translate into a tenuous future for your stock.
  7. Political issues. Politics always affect the stock market, whether it’s in Europe, the United States, or elsewhere. In fact, every U.S. presidential election results in pundits making dire predictions about Wall Street if one party takes office over another.
  8. Debt rises or is unsustainable. If your stock’s company has rising debt, or suddenly cannot manage the debt it has, then that’s another warning sign of a possible decline.
  9. Accounting and financial statements. Pay attention here, too, as suspicious accounting or financial statements are more signs of trouble.
  10. Dividend cutbacks. If a stock regularly paid a dividend, but isn’t doing so anymore, that’s another red flag indicating your stock may be on the downswing.

Making money in the stock market can be difficult during trying economic times, but if you pay attention to the warning signs we just discussed, you’ll have a stronger foundation to build on.

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Why Should You Trade Online On Foreign Exchange?

Forex or Foreign Exchange trading these days has not only become a huge industry for online trade investors, but in fact, it is the largest market in the world. It is a very profitable arena to do trading, and huge companies are not the only ones given the advantage, but many independent individuals can now take on the market through the Internet.

Here are some major reasons why Foreign Exchange is a good market to do trades:

Low Costs For Investments

One very good thing about trading Forex online is that there are very minimal costs that a party has to undertake. Because there are no middlemen involved and one can easily do direct trades with the market responsible for the pricing of currencies, this means that there are no more commissions that you have to pay.

In Forex trading, there are no clearing fees, government fees or brokerage fees that you have to take care of because brokers in this market are compensated for their services through a bid-ask spread.

There are also very low costs for each transaction. And each bid or ask spread is usually only less than 0.1 percent when there are normal market conditions. For larger dealers, the least you can pay is only as low as .07 percent.

The Market Is Open For 24 Hours

Another factor why so many people find the Forex trade very convenient is the fact that it never sleeps. It is open for 24 hours a day from Sunday in the evening to Friday afternoon EST, and therefore people do not have to wait for the opening bell.

This can be very practical especially for those who only trade part-time because they can at least do business whenever they are free –in the morning, noon or at night.

High Leverage

In Forex trading, even a small margin deposit can be able to control a larger value for total contract. Through this leverage, the trader can make a lot of profit, while keeping minimal risks.

A good example for this is when brokers in the Foreign Exchange offer a 200 to 1 leverage, because with a 50-dollar margin deposit, a trader could buy or sell 10,000 dollars worth of currencies.

But take note that without proper risk management, there is a huge chance for you to experience significant losses along with gains.

High Liquidity

Due to the fact that the Forex industry is the largest market today and because so many parties have gotten involved in it, liquidity has become quite prevalent in this market.

It is very unlikely that you can ever get stuck in a Forex trade. Under normal market conditions, one can easily do trades at will with just a simple click of the mouse. And in fact, in Forex trading, you can have more freedom to automatically close your position when you have reached your aimed profit level just by setting your online trading platform.

There are many advantages in doing Foreign Exchange trades online. In many ways, it proves to be a very practical arena, but the promises for huge profits are never compromised.

There is no wonder why this market has become so popular and huge. And so, if you are interested in investing, with a little hard work and exposure, then the Forex market can surely be a good place to start investing.

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Why Cash Bucket Pawn is Superior to Online Shopping – Save Time and Money

These days, it seems like you can get almost everything via computer. You can order food from the grocery store, choose clothing for your kids, pick out a new computer and fill up your empty bookshelves, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Some people even spend days stalking auction sites, bidding on items and hoping to win something at a low price. The experts at Cash Bucket Pawn think it’s time for some of these shoppers to shut their computers down and come in to the pawnshop. They say that there’s something truly wonderful about shopping at a pawnshop that simply cannot be replicated by online shopping.

When you’re shopping with an online merchant, you often don’t have a helper looking for items you’ll like. The opposite is true when you shop at Cash Bucket Pawn. The store is clean and bright, staffed with cheerful and friendly people who know the inventory inside and out and who are eager to help shoppers find just the right item. If you tell the staff you’re looking for solid-gold charms for your bracelet, for example, the staff could narrow your search by asking what sort of charms you like and what sort of charms you’re looking for. The staff could ask how big you like the charms to be, and whether or not you’d accept charms with gemstones or other accents. The staff could then find a selection of charms just like the ones you’ve described, and tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each item. This sort of personalized attention is nearly impossible to get in the online world.

Cash Bucket Pawn also sells items at incredibly low prices. Some online merchants charge you full retail prices, and then you must pay shipping and handling charges. At Cash Bucket Pawn, you’re often buying gently used items, so they’re not priced anywhere near full retail value. And since you’re taking the item home yourself, there’s no need to pay shipping and handling. You can also take the item home right away, instead of waiting for it to arrive via mail or some other delivery service. It’s almost instant gratification.

So put down your mouse, close down your computer and drive over to Cash Bucket Pawn at 2334 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. The store is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. You’ll be glad you did.

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